Friday, 27 February 2015

Paneer in Super Easy Tomato Gravy

I spend my holidays doing nothing. I enjoy every bit of free time that I get, just being easy on myself, but then hunger doesn't go on holidays :( and to top that people expect you to cook something special, for it's your holiday, hmm what an irony! Anyways today's recipe is my "to the rescue" recipe!!! It's very easy and so delicious, problem fixed!!! So whether you have unexpected guests or to make your family happy and not in a mood to spend more time in the kitchen, this recipe is the answer! You can use store-bought cottage cheese, but it is so easy to prepare at home. I would suggest you to give it a try, the link on how to make paneer is given in the ingredients list. So while you prepare the paneer cheese, your gravy would get ready by then. So enjoy and cook the natural way. Hope you like it

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Basic Tomato Pasta

The moment you have tasted pasta, I'm sure you must have fallen in love with it !!! Before this recipe, I tried tomato pasta many times but never found it satisfactory, then finally it hit me and since then I am happy with it. This recipe is really good and very close to the classic one. It is the basic tomato pasta sauce, once you make it , you can add any vegetable or meat. Of course, it tastes great with cheese and cream but if you are on a dairy-free diet, you can skip adding them. It will taste good without them. But if you are not, I will recommend adding them. So next time craving for tomato pasta, don't buy the store-bought pasta sauce, just try this recipe and cook the natural way!!!Hope you like it!

Friday, 20 February 2015

Four Herbs Rice

Hey I am back with this easy but tasty rice recipe. I don't eat rice much, but when I do, I love them. Rice are so flavour-friendly and versatile, you can do a lot with them! This recipe has a blend of four herbs and coconut which goes well with any gravy dish. I have put two herbs direct into the oil to get intense flavour and used other two herbs later for a mild touch. So instead of cooking plain rice, try this recipe. Hope you like it!!

Friday, 13 February 2015

Chocolate Brownies

Valentine's day is incomplete without chocolate, agree? I know you are!! So here is my favorite brownie recipe, which is so divine! I made it twice this week (on demand) , the first one was fudgy , chewy and the second batch was a little fluffy and cakey  , with only a slight difference in both of them, that  I will tell you later. I 've used  cocoa powder (I always run out of   chocolates no matter how much I stock, hehe) and used cream instead of butter ( for even softer brownies). So now you don't need to rush out and buy ingredients ( generally we have cocoa powder and cream at home)  to  have a stress-free valentine's special cooking!!! Have a wonderful valentine's day!! This recipe ends my valentine's day special week. Hope you like all the recipes, which were so easy yet delicious!!!

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Heart"beet" Cutlets

Beetroot, I don't know why its taste confuses me, do I like it or not?:) Still for health sake I do eat beetroots happily! Beetroot is another wonder food on earth that is loaded with vitamins and minerals. And the colour, so dramatic, so royal and when it is added to white, the pink, is just the perfect romantic colour and this is what I needed!!! These cutlets are very easy to make. BTW, I really love the name I've given them "heart -beet" Cutlets!!. Hope you like it!!

Monday, 9 February 2015

Sweetheart Carrots ( valentine's day special)

I am really happy to share this post!! Lately I came across a picture showing how to cut carrots into heart shape, so I tried to do that. It was fun, though mine were not so neat, but I really like to use this idea for my valentine's special week. If you are not as crazy as me, cut the carrots the regular way. This recipe is actually not a recipe, it is just cooking carrots with sugar.  I was lucky to have fresh coconut at hand but you can use store-bought grated coconut. A super easy dessert, perfect for "less time in kitchen, more time for togetherness" Valentine's day! Hope you like it!!!

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Tomato Love Sips (valentine's day special)

Tomato love sips, whether it is the love for tomatoes or the time you spend with your loved one, sipping it! I don't know why this name hit me first and I like it! This is not actually a soup (or may be), it's neither thick nor creamy, it is something you can enjoy the way you enjoy coffee or tea, sip by sip! The recipe is so damn easy and takes very little time (remember less time in the kitchen and more time for togetherness), perfect for valentine!! I have also added cherry tomatoes as they have a very unique sweetness, but you can skip them if not available! So make it and enjoy it with you loved one on a cold romantic evening! Hope you like it!!!

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Coffee Cupcakes ( Easy and Quick) (valentine's day special)

I believe Valentine's day should be celebrated everyday. Expressing your love needs no special day, but still we have this most loveable day to celebrate our love with our loved ones. So spare some time  and make them feel special. If you are planning to spend time at home and want to cook something special yet easy and quick, here are some exact recipes for you which will save your time in the kitchen and let you enjoy the togetherness!!

 Here is the first recipe of valentine week-Coffee cupcakes- easy and quick to make, you don't need any beater, just use a whisk!! They are so divine, so fluffy, so soft and so heavenly that you won't stop at one!!These cupcakes are dairy-free too!!  Instead of melting the chocolate with butter or beating the cream to make the topping, simply use Hershey's chocolate syrup to cut short the time (remember less time in the kitchen). Enjoy the day. Hope you like it!!!!!

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Spinach Chicken

I am back with yet another spinach recipe, which went so good with chicken. I love spinach and I always try to use it differently. This recipe is simple but the homemade spice mix gives this recipe a perfect taste and Coriander leaves marinade gives chicken a fresh herby hint. Hope you like it!!