Thursday, 19 May 2016

Beet-Sweet Potato Stuffed Prantha

Hello everyone, I couldn't write about the little break that I took, in my last post. So here I am after a month or so. But my blog has always been on my mind. Well, today I am very happy to share this recipe. Actually one day my friend asked me to give an idea to add beetroot in paranthas (flat bread) for her kid. And the challenge was not to make the kid realise it. So I thought it over n over n over. Without anything on my mind to start with, I went buying vegetables.

And when I reached to beetroots, I saw SWEET POTATOES next to them and voilĂ , I got the right combination to work with. It clicked me that very moment what to add more into the stuffing :-) The sweetness of sweet potatoes can easily overtake the distinctive taste of beetroots. So I went home excitedly to try it out. And that was just the thing I wanted. It was a big hit at my home too. So you see sometimes you get the inspiration from anywhere.

Well, talking about sweet potato, this versatile, inexpensive and easily available vegetable is a must-have in my diet. It is super rich in B6, vitamin C, Vitamin A and Vitamin D. I didn't know about the viatmin D until I learned about it one day and hence I found one more good reason to love sweet potatoes.Vitamin D is very important for our bones and immune system. And since there are just countable food that are rich in Vitamin D, Sweet potato is a tasty option. Sweet potato is also high in iron and magnesium. And the beetroots also, rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. So this recipe is now in my must-try list. These pranthas have a very nice sweet and tangy flavour and goes so well with the green chutney. Try it someday and as always cook the natural way!!!