Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Sweetpotato - Cauliflower Fritters

Hey everyone, how you've been? Summer here is at its peak and so it's summer vacations time. And that means kids (rather hungry kids) at home. It is very important to fill their tummies with healthy food in these harsh hot days. Well, these fritters have been one of my favourites lately, as they taste, hmmm, different! I just love the sweetness of sweet potatoes and the crunchy bits of cauliflower. It went so well with the tomato sauce and a simple cucumber salad.

Cauliflower and sweetpotato combo is just perfect and super healthy. Together they provide great doze of vitamins and minerals. They both are a very good source of B- vitamins, Vitamin C, vitamin D,magnesium, potassium and fibres. They both are easy to digest. Well, I also like to add any kind of seed available (flax, sunflower or so) to make these fritters even healthier. So do play with vegetables and try interesting combinations that taste good and add to your health. As for now try these fritters , enjoy summer and always cook the natural way!!!