Sunday, 28 February 2016

Dried Fenugreek Potatoes

Here is my lazy Sunday fix. Sundays should be relaxing, what you you think?  On Sundays I have a mental set back and I feel so spoiled! Even Kitchen seems to be an uninviting place, hehe! At least there should be a complete "chill-out day" in a week. Even studies have proved that having a lazy day in a week can help reduce stress, high blood pressure, stroke! Wow, I get a great boast when I learn about such cool things *happy face*. Well, still you have to cook sometimes and  that is the time when you start thinking about all those rescue recipes- easy and quick. This recipe will do just that thing for you. Potatoes with fenugreek are one of the best combinations and every Indian household must have tried it once or more. I tried to bring out a nice change to the recipe. The perfect blend of choicest spices will sure make you try this again and again. It is easy, vegan, glutenfree, healthy and super tasty!
 Potatoes, or rather poor potatoes, have a very bad image among weight watchers. But having potatoes once in a while will NOT make you look bad, trust me. It is not the poor Potato who is the culprit, it is the way that you cook it, makes the difference. Be it the deep fried chips, fries or even baked but with lots of cheese and oil will bring more harm than health. In fact potatoes are low in calories and high in fibres! They are a very good source of vitamins and minerals, easily available and easy to digest. So you can try eating potatoes with this less oil healthy recipe (though I have also added cream which is totally optional) and always cook the natural way!

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Corn-Broccoli Fritters

Hi, my valentine hangover is finally over at last, hehe!! Well, last week was ultra busy. Anyways, I am a little obsessed with vegetables. It is hard for me to even think about cooking without them. And always find new ways to eat them but of course in a healthy way. Today I am here with this healthy and tasty fritter recipe. Broccoli with corns, what a nice combination! Broccoli's health benefits now needs no introduction. The world is enjoying this vitamin C and vitamin A enriched green vegetable in many ways. Broccoli also contains anti-oxidants, fibers and other vitamins and minerals. It helps to protect against many diseases .But thyroid patients should avoid it. Well, these fritters not only look tempting, they are delicious too!! The perfect blend of herbs and spices makes these fritters really tasty. They are vegan, gluten-free and with less-oil. So enjoy these fritters with a cup of tea or coffee and cook the natural way!! Happy Snacking!!

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Fruit Love (valentine special)

Ok how about a fruit salad, after breakfast, with your valentine? With a little effort and clever ingredients you can transform a simple fruit salad into a delicious and healthy dessert!! This fruit salad has my HOMEMADE FIG JAM but you can use any jam instead. Nothing is awesome than a bowl of fresh fruits, it charges you and your mood too! So make this easy and quick salad and have some sweet fruity chit-chats with your valentine!! And yes, you know it, cook the natural way!!

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Beetroot Besan Cheela | Beetroot Gramflour Panrolls

Here comes the lovable month of the year!! Well we all love our loved ones but sometimes we take "expressing our love" for granted. We assume that our loved ones know how much we love them!! But this "expressing of love" is what nurtures a relationship! (of course not made-up, but real!) So let your feeling pour out this valentine!
And if planning to cook something lovable for your love than I have just the recipes for you! This besan ka cheela (gramflour panrolls) needs no introduction, every Indian kitchen is well known with this easy and quick recipe. And that's what we need "easy and quick", after all who wants to spend hours in kitchen to express their love,duh?
This gluten-free breakfast recipe with the goodness of beetroot and a gorgeous colour, will surely bring a smile on your valentines's face! Lately, the lentils flour has become really popular for healthy gluten-free recipes! And this cheela is a must-try! Have them with chilli sauce and boiled potatoes (just sauté cut boiled potatoes in oil, cumin, Salt and red chilli powder). So try this beetroot cheela, which is not only beautiful but healthy too and cook the natural way!

Monday, 1 February 2016

Dates-Mint Chutney

Finally a little relief from chilly weather here. Well whatever be the season or weather is, enjoying food must go on. And what a great way to make your food interesting than enhancing it's taste with chutneys or dips. They make any flat boring dish very perky and fun. This chutney has all the flavours in it - sweet, spicy, salty and sour.  Hmm interesting huh? Dates with mint is a great combo. This versatile chutney can go well with any kind of food, be it snacks, with meals, vegetarian dishes, meats or so on. So take out those dates lying in your kitchen somewhere, make this chutney and always cook the natural way!!