Monday, 28 November 2016


Winters make me eat a lot 😋😋, I become a food freak, and it is not the regular meals that I crave for, but I want "something special" to satisfy myself. And this encourages me to try different recipes! I have prepared vegetable sandwiches many times before, but these sandwiches stole my heart and that's why I am sharing them with you. I wanted to make sandwiches which had more vegetables and less butter or cream or mayo, but still creamy and delicious. So I added brinjal (eggplant), yes eggplant 🍆. It made the sandwiches "melt in mouth creamy" and the cheese sauce doubled the taste! You can use any vegetable of your choice but don't forget to add the star ingredient ( that is the eggplant) to these sandwiches The crusty bread outside and creamy filling inside, oh it was so delicious!

Well the year is heading towards it's end and Christmas is on it's way. So I am gonna warm myself near my oven and try out my baking skills. This year I had frequently been "on and off " on my blog for so and so reasons, but I am really glad to find all my friends here, still in touch with me. I love you all for that 💗. So I hope you like the recipe and always cook the natural way!!

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Corn-Celery Soup

Hi everyone!! It's getting cold here and what a better way to comfort yourself is to have a warm bowl of soup. And if it is healthy, it's great ! I know everybody loves corns and this soup has it's beautiful combination with celery. The sweetness of bell pepper and the creaminess of cashews make this soup a treat in itself. If you are vegan, you can use olive oil in place of butter. So welcome winters with this golden yellow soup and cook the natural way!!