Monday, 31 August 2015

Dry Tawa Paneer (chinese style)

My weekends are either for cooking something special for the family or for the guest's visits. But I am ready with my rescue recipes always...haha!! And this recipes is one of those! Almost everybody loves Paneer (cottage cheese), so a recipe using paneer is always a no risk option. For this starter recipe I have used tawa (a flat pan) , so there is no need to preheat oven or start the BBQ or any grill. And the marinade also does not require any grinding or cutting. So this recipe is very easy and quick. So, if you have hungry people at home who want "something special today" or unexpected guests, you know what to cook.....:P! Try this recipe and cook the natural way!!! Hope you like it!!

Friday, 21 August 2015

Parsley-Parmesan Rice casserole

Ok I'm back after two weeks. Well, today I am here with a rice recipe using lots of parsley, which not only gives the recipe a gorgeous green colour, but also a wonderful taste! I usually impress my guests with this recipe and they find it very unique.
I love herbs a lot, I can't imagine my cooking without them. I always abide by using less oil, sugar and salt, and more herbs. Their flavour gives any recipe a new dimension. And parmesan cheese is ....what to's yumm!! This rice recipe has both and I love it! I serve this dish with a very simple stir fry vegetable recipe which is on my Facebook page (CLICK HERE FOR THE RECIPE)
Simple ingredients, easy to cook, I am sure you will like it. So try it someday and cook the natural way! Hope you like it!!!

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Beet-Cucumber Smoothie (Dairy-Free)

Today I have yet another beet smoothie for you which is dairy-free or vegan.. A smoothie is a great answer to our morning or day rush. Just blend the ingredients and you are good to go!! This smoothie has all my favorite ingredients which goes very well. I used dates to sweeten it but you can use honey also. The oats give a thick consistency and of course make it healthier, but you can skip adding it. The beet, cucumber and orange juice are the main ingredients, rest you can add more or skip any other,according to your choice. So try this smoothie and play around it, and don't forget to cook the natural way!! Hope you like it!!