Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Papaya Halwa

I know we all are really "happily" busy today, after all, it's Diwali Time!!! So here is a quick post. This papaya halwa that I prepared for my family and friends, tastes soooo good. It is more or less tastes like gajar ka halwa (halwa) but a little different and easier to make. So go fast and impress your guests and celebrate cooking the natural way!!

                                           A VERY HAPPY DIWALI TO YOU ALL!!!

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Banana Halwa

Wow, it's Diwali time! I just love this festival, it is full of positive vibes. Lights, guests, party, get togethers and of course, SWEETS......yumm!! Oh come on, this is the time to say yes to sugar!!
This Diwali, being a little busy, I am trying to take out time for my HOMEMADE DELICIOUS SWEETS and this halwa is a start!! I have made sooji halwa many times before but with bananas it is a big super-duper hit. I bet you can't stop at just a spoonful. So try this halwa on Diwali and cook the natural way!!!

Monday, 9 November 2015

The Chocolate Cake

Ok it's MY BIRTHDAY today!!! Despite being busy these days, I don't want to spend my birthday without you guyz!! So today I am here with one of my favourite cake recipe!! Hope you like it, bake it and remember me while enjoying it. If you try this cake I am sure you gonna love me is so tasty!! And it could be a perfect cake for DIWALI  as well!!!! I just wanna thanks you all for being here today and I love you all for you have always cook the natural way with me!!!

Monday, 2 November 2015

Beans and Veggie Soup

Winter is in the air and what could be so soothing than a warm bowl of soup......oh so divine!!!!  I am a hardcore winter lover. I have so many reasons to love winters and the soup-sipping evenings is one of them!! This hearty fulfilling soup is a delicious way to enjoy winters. Beans of any colour or kind, are a perfect healthy food for us. Besides being very nutritious, they also prevent many chronic health problems. Loaded with fibres, antioxidants and proteins, beans can be more than a meat substitute!! And as they keep you feel fuller and has less calories, they can be a good option for weight-watchers too. So now you have many reasons to add beans into your diet and this soup will help you for sure. Go try it someday and always cook the natural way!!!