Friday 29 January 2016

Kiwi-Celery Smoothie

I love winter season but winters make me lazy too. Do you feel lazy too in winters? Well this lazy feeling discouraged my this year's health-resolutions to have a gala start. So I concentrated more on eating healthy. Hope you liked all of my healthy recipes this month. Ending this health-conscious month with this healthy smoothie. This gorgeous green smoothie has a perfect balance of health and taste. Kiwi with celery goes so refreshingly good. And it is totally vegan and raw too. Less calories and more nutrition is just what you get from this smoothie!! Celery is known for its fiber contents and kiwi for Vitamin C. So this smoothie helps you loose weight and strengthens your immune system as well. And other ingredients adds to it's nutritional value. 

There is nothing like eating fresh fruits and vegetables . Eating them raw or blending them together to create something taste good, is a great way to add them in your diet. And a smoothie is a cool way. Just blend and just go healthy! So start trying more smoothies and cook the natural way!!

You need 

2 kiwis (peeled and chopped roughly)
5 medium strawberries (roughly chopped)
1 cup orange juice (juice of 4 oranges)
2 celery stems with leaves (peel the hard outer layer)
3-4 tablespoon honey (adjust)
1 cup water


1. Blend all the ingredients in a blender till all well blended.

Serves 2


  1. Oh wow all ingredients are my to try it soon..very refreshing drink dear Puneet :)

  2. Total nutrition boost with this health packed drink. Celery and kiwi together will ensure rejuvenation with every sip. Well done with your clean eating month. I sure it must have left you all glowing.

  3. very interesting combo! Looks so healthy and nutritious

  4. super refreshing and delicious drink:)

  5. Puneet I just love green smoothies and soups. I do havea bunch of celery right now to make this smoothie in the morning.