Monday 9 February 2015

Sweetheart Carrots ( valentine's day special)

I am really happy to share this post!! Lately I came across a picture showing how to cut carrots into heart shape, so I tried to do that. It was fun, though mine were not so neat, but I really like to use this idea for my valentine's special week. If you are not as crazy as me, cut the carrots the regular way. This recipe is actually not a recipe, it is just cooking carrots with sugar.  I was lucky to have fresh coconut at hand but you can use store-bought grated coconut. A super easy dessert, perfect for "less time in kitchen, more time for togetherness" Valentine's day! Hope you like it!!!

You need
250g carrots (around 21\2 Cups)
1\2 cup sugar
1 cup grated coconut
 Crushed cardamom seeds (3 nos.)
 1\2 cup water

1. Cut the carrots as shown in the picture Or cut regular way.

2. Add water, sugar, cardamom seeds and carrots. Cover and Cook till carrots are tender, stirring in between. ( can use pressure cooker also  but be careful not to get them too soft. Just one whistle is enough)

3. Add grated coconut. Mix gently. Serve hot.


Serves 2


  1. Very cute carrots. Perfect for valentine :)

  2. Perfect for Valentine. Not many mind boggling ingredients yet I like it.