Wednesday 10 February 2016

Beetroot Besan Cheela | Beetroot Gramflour Panrolls

Here comes the lovable month of the year!! Well we all love our loved ones but sometimes we take "expressing our love" for granted. We assume that our loved ones know how much we love them!! But this "expressing of love" is what nurtures a relationship! (of course not made-up, but real!) So let your feeling pour out this valentine!
And if planning to cook something lovable for your love than I have just the recipes for you! This besan ka cheela (gramflour panrolls) needs no introduction, every Indian kitchen is well known with this easy and quick recipe. And that's what we need "easy and quick", after all who wants to spend hours in kitchen to express their love,duh?
This gluten-free breakfast recipe with the goodness of beetroot and a gorgeous colour, will surely bring a smile on your valentines's face! Lately, the lentils flour has become really popular for healthy gluten-free recipes! And this cheela is a must-try! Have them with chilli sauce and boiled potatoes (just sauté cut boiled potatoes in oil, cumin, Salt and red chilli powder). So try this beetroot cheela, which is not only beautiful but healthy too and cook the natural way!

You Need

1 cup gramflour (besan)
1/2 cup beetroot (peeled and grated)
1/4 cup curd (preferably sour)
1 tablespoon dried fenugreek leaves
1/2 teaspoon carom seeds (ajwain)
1-2 spring onions (chopped)
1/2 cup water (more or less)
1/4 teaspoon red chilli powder
Salt to taste
Oil for cooking


1. Mix gramflour, fenugreek leaves, carom seeds, chilli powder and salt, in a bowl.

2. Now gradually add water to the gramflour mix and make pancake (or dosa) like batter, not too thick nor too thin. Leave the batter for 5 minutes.

(Tip:- For avoiding lumps, make a hole in the center of the mixture, add little water, mix and gradually keep adding water and then mixing this way till done)

3. Add curd (whisk before adding), beetroot and spring onions.

4. Lightly grease a non-stick pan with oil (or generously oil a regular pan). Pour a laddle full of batter. Spread evenly (need not to be a perfect round) and cook for a minute or two. Flip and cook the otherside too till done.

5. Serve with sauce or chutney of your choice.

Makes 4 -5 cheelas