Monday 21 April 2014

Refreshing Summer Drink

Nothing is as satisfying as having a chilled drink on a hot day. This is my version of a very popular cocktail/mocktail drink. Click to get the recipe

You'll need
fresh mint leaves
lemon juice
pomegranate juice
orange juice
sugar (if needed)
a pinch of salt
vodka (optional)
and a standard drinking glass

1.Put handful of mint leaves in a glass and crush it with a muddlare or a rolling pin.
2. Add few drops of lemon and sugar (if using) and a pinch of salt  .
3. Fill 1/4 glass with pomegranate juice (approx 60ml), 3/4 glass with orange juice (approx
180ml) and  vodka (if using). Ice it up and ENJOY!!!!
4. Serve individual servings as per the preferences.

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